Thursday, 30 November 2017

The History of T- Shirts

We all have a pair of T-Shirts in our wardrobe, right? T-shirts are arguably the most popular outer garment in the entire world. As it is inexpensive and easy to clean garments, we all keep them on our favorite list.  Coming in a range of styles, colors, and sizes, there will be at least one piece with every one of us, but where did this iconic garment come from and how did it become so popular?  Why are people very much fond of it?

Every living and non- living things got a history. T-Shirts too got a history of its own. It’s only half a century that the T-Shirts got into our closets. The U.S. Navy introduced T-Shirts during the Spanish American War, with crew-necks and short sleeves and were meant to be worn as underwear beneath the uniform.  Soon it got an iconic name from its shape resembling the letter "T" and people worked in every sector adopted the T-shirts, preferring the lightweight fabric in hot weather conditions.

In the late 1960's, the T-shirt became a means of self-expression as wearable art as well as to convey commercial advertising, souvenir messages, and protests.  People printed whatever they felt like the society should get into their head.  T-Shirts began to scream about Music, Cinema, Politics, Love and much more. What is the most common thing that you have ever seen printed over a T-Shirt? For me, it’s Bob Marley!

Today, a wide variety of T-Shirts are available in the market, with the charming designs and prints, which makes them adorable. Methods like Airbrushing, embroidery, direct printing, heat transfer, silk screening, sublimation, etc. are used to beautify them.  The best quality that everyone finds with these garments is that they can be worn without ironing, isn’t it? You can just put on and run. They are just casual, comfortable, and affordable!

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Choose the right bra. It matters a lot!

Every woman who dress for the current scenario, who loves fashion and independent life would also love to decorate her closet with stylish lingeries. It is an inevitable part of their wardrobe. The right size of bra will give you the right body shape! Can’t believe? Here are few everyday fitting issues that can be solved by wearing the right bra.

Insufficient support is a major issue faced by most of us. Wearing a bra with insufficient support all day can cause a backache and discomfort. Hence, make sure that your bra provides all the support and comfort you need. V Star brings the perfect bra varieties to suit your body the best.

Back bulges are another trouble related to imperfect bra fitting. You feel really bad when you realize that you have bra bulges on your back. Now, wouldn’t you be heartbroken? V Star bras are very easy to wear and you don’t need to worry about back bulges too. The bras have the structure that makes the back bulges disappear and give you that smooth silhouette that you have been dreaming of!

Imperfect Shaping is also a headache! Women of all sizes and shapes love to have a good shape with the bra they wear. Whatever you wear, V Star bras give you the best of contour and comfort, throughout the day.  By the way, have you stopped wearing your favorite shirt to the office because your bra doesn’t seem to fit? Even though it is a perfect fit everywhere else, it causes awkward gaps sometimes, right? These problems can be managed quite easily with V star bras.

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Hello, Girls! You Ready to ‘Flirt with Fashion'?

What is the most important part your wardrobe? Is that your Tops? Jeans? Some Party wears? Nope! It's nothing but your bras! You can comfortably roam around only if your bosoms are in comfort! Choosing the perfect bra is important.  V Star has introduced stylish ranges of Bras that are in tune with the latest fashion trends. The latest one in the series, V Star Isa, is now the talk of the town.

 V Star Isa, these bras are designed specifically for perfect cup sizes, are durable, best in comfort, support and is great under clothing. The Knit Padded bra is added with an additional transparent strap. These thin padded non wired bras are designed to give a better support and comfort. As it is made of rich cotton fabric, Isa is suitable for an all day long wear, comes with regular straps for added support.

So, V Star Isa is your everyday bra – smooth, comfortable and can be worn with your more casual clothing, available in various colors like Blue, Coral, Maroon and Deep Blue and is perfect for youth. So have fun with color and get something that makes you feel great.  As it is available in various sizes like 30B, 32B, 34B, 36B, and 38B, you can easily choose the one that suits you the best.
So, are you ready to ‘Flirt with Fashion'?

Live in perfect shape with V Star Shapewears

We may be plump like pumpkins, at the same time can be lean ones too still, every one of us wishes to keep our body in a better shape. When stumbling out for shopping or if it is a bash, we all stick in front of the wardrobe mirror, checking whether the body is in shape or not! All you have to do is nothing but get the best Shapewear in town. As you wear it inside, no more worry about anyone knowing that you are wearing it.

Are you familiar with Shapewears? They are the undergarments that you slip on under your clothes and they are completely unnoticeable. Their purpose is to firm up and compress flabby areas of your body, so they look slimmer beneath the clothes, means you can physically reduce the size of certain parts of your body so that you will look great in fashionable clothes with perfect shape.

Wear the clothes that make you look amazing by wearing amazing shapewear beneath them and look slimmer and gorgeous. V Star provides Shapewear for women and uses materials that give the best of comfort to your body. Whether you need a body Shapewear for the special event or simply for comfort, just keep in mind that V Star is the best. Live in perfect shape with V Star Shapewears.

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Hey girls, keep these inner wear things in mind!

We all are conscious about our attire. What do you think is the key factor about it? Colour? Trend? Brand? It’s nothing but comfort. Not only your outer wears, but your inner wears should also give you the perfect feel!
·         Good and bad inner wear
Always try to wear a good underwear. A clean, dry, fresh and perfect-fitting one is good underwear, while the one that smells, has not dried properly is bad underwear. We should always make sure to wear a good underwear and stay away from a bad one to keep our privates healthy, happy and free from infections.
·         Prefer cotton
Cotton is the best fabric to be made into inner wear. Silk, satin and laces might look very appealing and alluring in underwear, but are not good for your skin. Cotton helps your skin breathe and does not let germs and infections grow on the surface of your skin.
·         Size of your bra matters
Studies show that nearly 64% of women wear bras of the wrong size. You may find this weird. Wearing a wrong size bra can make your breasts scarred and even sagged. Not just this, wearing too tight bras can hurt your muscles and lead to pain and stress in the back, breasts, shoulder and neck. Additionally, wrong sized inner wears can also be an obstacle to maintaining correct posture and keeping you comfortable. So be careful about the size of the inner wear you pick.
·         Don’t be harsh with them
You can remain happy, only if your inner wear is happy. Always store your underwear away from other clothing items. If you are placing them in a drawer, remember to cover the surface with a fabric or a clean sheet of paper. Do not wash them in hot water and do not be harsh with them.

        Change it after the workout session
Remember to change your underwear as soon you are done with a workout session; even better if you change into clean underwear after taking a shower or bath. The sweat and discharge during workout might lead to a variety of infections if you keep on wearing that particular underwear for too long.
·         Replace every six- eight months

We cannot hold the inner wears for too long. Like shirts and jeans, we cannot hold them for long. Same goes with bras. On an average, a bra should be replaced every six-eight months. This is because after that period, their band stretches out and cannot support you and your boobs anymore.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Choose Right to Sleep Tight

After a day working in tight formal clothes, it would be a great relaxing to wear comfortable sleepwear at night right? They are worn for comfort while sleeping and for moving around freely just before sleeping. A good nap at night has a very huge and great impact on well- being of an individual. A girl who goes to bed happy wakes up happy! For all those who take fashion to bed at night,  we present our vibrant nightwear collection.

Our exclusive nightwear collection is best in quality, fabric and size-fitting. It includes pants, tops and pant- top sets. The Lounge pant made of 92% cotton single jersey fabric with 8% spandex is best in quality and is made of stretch fabric for extra comfort.  It can be worn as lounge wear, leisure wear, etc.  These tops and pants made out of super combed cotton fabric will give a soft, shiny and silky feel to your body.
Our stylish sleepwear sets bring you a range of premium nightwear styles with soft flow fabric and hug your curves perfectly, with attractive chest print. This comfortable nightwear set, crafted with pretty floral prints, is sure to enhance your fashion appeal.  Short sleeves with relaxed fit will make you look trendy and cool.
Nightwear is no longer for sleeping only, but transformed into a fashion statement. Modern women prefer sleepwear with fashionable cut and sexy look. So just forget those ordinary ones, and select from the exclusive trends available from V Star. Just check them and select the best one for your sweet and special nights.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Now Workout in Style

The way you would feel after a workout or yoga! Staying fit gives you energy, clears your mind, and allows you to eat the food you love without regret. But you can enjoy the workouts and yoga only if you are in the comfortable clothing. V Star can make your fitness sessions fun with our selection of fitness wears, both for men and women.

Our collection includes track pants, shorts, vest, t- shirt, funky socks and for women, Capri leggings, workout bras (Smartie and Denice) and much more. You can team up our selections the way you wish. For men, you can team up our tracksuits with a pair of funky gym shoes, which will give you the perfect workout look.  The pair of our solid coloured T- shirts and the tracksuits will make another perfect combo. A funky pair of gym shoes teamed with the colourful pair of socks will add some pizazz to your look.

Girls, get ready to look sporty and cool.  Yoga or workout, whatever you prefer, let’s add a pinch of elegance and vogue. Smartie, the sports bra smade out of 100% knitted cotton will give you a feathery touch.  Denice, our soft and effective sports bra made of cotton elastane stretch fabric, provides an additional support to bust line during sports activities. It offers maximum comfort & minimizes breast movement. Its double layered front panels provide support for low impact activities like walking and yoga.  Capri leggings suits you best when you attend your yoga classes or an evening walk. Don’t forget to get one funky pair of socks too.
Now zest up your workout sessions with picks from our gym wear collection. We have the perfect on-the-go wear, stylish yet functional, best and classy. It also promotes a fit lifestyle and provides inspiration to stay active. Browse through the wide range of pieces and get them if fitness is your first love.
Why waiting? Get the best fitness wears that fits you the best.